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Fun Facts: He is lactose intolerant. He is the cutie of the group. Fans say that he looks very similar to BIG BANG's Seungri. He is very awkward around Leo, and used to be afraid of calling him Hyung. His ideal type is SISTAR's Dasom. He doesn't have a cellphone. He sleeps in a comfortable T-Shirt and pajama pants Templates, VIXX, Facts, Hyuk. Hyuk/Facts < Hyuk. Edit. Classic editor History Comments Share. Hyuk: Facts: Gallery: Favorites Edit. Favorite Foods: No particular favorite Favorite Artists: Justin Bieber, Park Hyoshin Favorite Pastries: Doesn't eat any snacks Favorite Colors: Black, White Favorite Hobbies: Reading Facts Edit. He is lactose intolerant. He is the cutie of the group. Fans. Hyuk (Hangul: 혁) is the Maknae and Main Dancer in VIXX. He debuted with VIXX on May 25, 2012 with their 1st single album SUPER HERO . He debuted as an actor in the movie Chasing as Han Won-Tae in 2016. He debuted as a musical actor in the musical Forgotten Village as Jaegu in 2019

Han Sang-hyuk, is a South Korean singer and actress. He's part of South Korean boy band VIXX, and is now the youngest member of this group. VIXX is beneath Jellyfish Entertainment, that's the bureau of Gugudan too. He had been born in Daejeon, South Korea together with his parents and one sister Hyuk was born on July 5, 1995 3. height 181 but he said it was when he was the debut and is now probably around 183-184 height, weighing 62 4. Hyuk's blood type Han Sang-hyuk (Hangul: 한상혁 born July 5, 1995), better known by his stage name Hyuk (Hangul: 혁), is a South Korean singer and actor, signed under Jellyfish Entertainment. Hyuk debuted as a. ★ If he were a girl, he'd go out with fellow VIXX member Hongbin. ★ Fans have been commenting on his striking resemblance to BigBang's Seungri. ★ Hyuk speaks informally when he is half-sleep. ★ Hyuk owns a doll that was given by his teacher

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VIXX 6 members are just too cool to be left alone, which consisting of Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hongbin, and Hyuk. VIXX itself is a short form of Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis. It started in 2012, and then rest is history. They debuted in the same year with album Super Hero VIXX (Korean: 빅스 pronounced vicks; acronym for voice, visual, value in excelsis) is a South Korean boy band formed by Jellyfish Entertainment through the 2012 reality show MyDOL.The group is composed of five members: N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, and Hyuk.Originally a six-member group, Hongbin left the group in August 2020. They are predominantly known as a concept or performance group whose. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queu

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45. Hyuk like massaging N at night 46. N like Taeyang Big Bang and Justin Timberlike 47. In the Plan V Members VIXX get a kiss from a pig including N 48. Record long jump N is 4,30M 49. The record decline bullet 10,33M 50. The purpose of N that became famous. He wants to be idols shine on stage and left a bitter impression on stage. 51. His. VIXX. WELCOME TO BLOG VIXX. Kamis, 20 November 2014. Fact Hyuk VIXX ^_^ 굿모닝 알고.

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  1. g a singer. He auditioned for JYP and YG Entertainment, but he did not make it
  2. vixxfacts - Posts tagged vixx facts. Saved by KDrama Portraiture. Funny Facts Vixx Kpop Groups Bias Wrecker Shinee Mtv Bigbang Dramas Singin
  3. g a singer. 105. hongbin's dream as an.

Other Facts About Vixx 1. Their Group Leader's Whereabout N (image source) The multi-award-winning South Korean boy band, Vixx's group leader, N is currently inactive due to his enrollment for military service. Prior to that, N whose real name is Cha Hak-yeon is the main songster, dancer and leader of Vixx. Besides being a singer, he is also an actor, presenter, and radio host who has made. 664 /∞ | VIXX FACTS . Typo : N is good at crushing garlic with his elbow September 16th 131 source : 160120 Weekly idol vixx vixx facts n hakyeon 664. 663 /∞ | VIXX FACTS . September 15th 217. VIXX is still one of the hottest K-Pop boy group out there even though it is their 6th year since debut. Fans can't help but wonder what is the ideal type of each member. If you are interested, click to find out more about them Posted by whoamixxKathyxxR May 3, 2014 November 21, 2014 Posted in Vixx Tags: Han Sang Hyuk, Hongbin, Leo, Ravi, VIXX Published by whoamixxKathyxxR In this blog I would like to talk about to talk about K-pop many other things that I love

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  1. vixxedit vixx hyuk han sanghyuk vixx hyuk sanghyuk dallas hello stranger photoshoot mygif manhyuk voodoo doll era remember celebrating the 2 year anniversary of hyukgifs 170412 i wanted to make something beautiful i hope i succeeded long post extended post 500 plus. 588 notes Reblog. 8. D-5 until #HAPPYRAVIDAY ♥ ravi's ranking of VIXX's cute member [#1 KEN] ottokaji-vixx . Follow.
  2. He really loves us, he loves VIXX. VIXX is like his other family. Although he may looked like a cold person, he is actually a very caring person with a soft heart. He will not kill our maknae without a reason. And Taekwoon hyung never had a fight with Hyuk. In fact, he treat Hyuk the best among our members because he is the youngest, Hongbin said. He tried to save Leo because he knows that.
  3. [FACTS] VIXX's Hyuk 1. His real name is Han Sang Hyuk . 2. Hyuk was born on July 5, 1995 . 3. height 181 but he said it was when he was the debut and is now probably around 183-184 height, weighing 62 . 4. Hyuk's blood type B . 5. Hyuk has one older sister . 6. Hyuk has kawaiiHyuk nickname given by N . 7 Hyuk very afraid of Leo because Leo is rarely talked . 8 Even so Leo very dearest Hyuk . 9.
  4. Vampire Vixx is a fanfic for a fellow starlight and it's dedicated all to her because she loves them so much. A rivarly love story that the Vixx boys Leo, N, Ravi and Hongbin will fight against each other to get the love and affection for the beautiful rich Malaysian girl Sufiani who moves to So..
  5. VIXX stands for Voice, Visual, Value in eXcelsis. In Excelsis stands for In the highest degree in Latin. Rovix is named by Ravi. Ken always talk to the members who sleeptalk. (Ravi also said the member will reply Ken haha!) Hyuk once danced to Super Hero while he was sleeping. Hyuk once said The mic has to be removed, please don't bother me. in his sleep. Hong Bin's idol is Park Hyo.
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5 mai 2016 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Tingarii. Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les home inbox navigation vixx facts translation gifs instagram Welcome Hi St☆rlights , We must warn you, you might not want to leave this blog if you keep scrollin

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Fun Facts: He has won multiple awards for song-writing. Sung Sikyoung told him that he's cute, young, and can sing well. He doesn't have an ideal type. He's open to anyone. He doesn't own a cell phone o smartphone, but he does have two iPads. He sleeps in a T-Shirt and also pants based off of the popolare manga/anime One Piece VIXX's Hyuk Trying To Tame Drunk Hongbin In A Past Livestream Resurfaces, In Light Of Recent Controversy. March 1, 2020 by KoreaBoo. Original Article from Koreaboo. In light of VIXX Hongbin's recent controversial drunk livestream, in which he allegedly disrespected his fellow idol groups, another drunk livestream from a year ago has resurfaced. In this previous livestream, Hongbin can be. VIXX: Hyuk: SAFE: N/A: VIXX: Ken: LOW: N/A: VIXX: Nakhun: IN: N/A: OUT: Yoonchul: IN: N/A: OUT: Byoungjun: SAFE: N/A: OUT: Daewon: LOW: OUT: OUT . Performance Compilation . youtube.com youtube.com youtube.com . Random Facts Through Episodes aminoapps.com. There are many facts that have been revealed through the trainees. Whether they already knew about it, or the facts just became their news.

Fun Facts: • He is the Poker Face Chic of the group. • He appeared in Brian Joo ' s Let This Die MV along with N and Ravi. • He is extremely reserved, and isn ' t as outgoing compared to the rest of the members of the group. • When VIXX has an appearance on variety and / or reality shows he often avoids the camera. VIXX (Korean: 빅스 pronounced VIXX consists of N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hongbin and Hyuk. They are predominantly known as a concept or performance group whose music, lyrics, choreography, and overall stage performances are crafted together to tell a story or concept. Read More. Last updated from Wikipedia: Jan 18, 2018. Promoted - Advertise. Heaven's Gates. Rookie angel Sooyoung can't believe. Get in touch with VIXX FACTS (@vixxfact) — 172 answers, 342 likes. Ask anything you want to learn about VIXX FACTS by getting answers on ASKfm

Fanfiction Short Stories Vixx Beautiful Liar Jung Taekwoon Cha Hakyeon Jung Taekwoon didn't like to lie to the ones he loved. Which is why the beautiful lie he told his lover, Cha Hakyeon, was his last one. Oneshot. Based off of VIXX LR's Beautiful Liar Add to library 18 Discussion 7. VIXX Members Profile: VIXX Facts and Ideal Types VIXX (빅스) currently consists of 5 members: N, Leo, Ken, Ravi and Hyuk. Hyuk is accused of not liking his members. November 2016 veröffentlichte VIXX das Kompilationsalbum VIXX 2016 Conception Ker zusammen mit dem Musikvideo zu dem neuen Lied Milky Way, was den Abschluss des VIXX 2016 CONCEPTION Projekts bildet[2][3]. Februar erschien die EP. [FACTS] 1. Các thành viên của VIXX có mối quan hệ rất thân thiết với BTOB, JJ Project và MBLAQ. 2. N, Leo, Ravi và Hongbin đã từng tham gia trong các MV Let this die của Brian, Shake it up và.. Fun Facts: He was featured in Brian Joo's Let This Die muziek video and Seo In Guk's Shake It Up muziek video. He is considered the mood maker of the group. His ideal type is a pretty and self-conscious woman. He likes to sleep in workout clothes and sleeveless shirts. If he were to be an animal, he'd be a horse. He wants to try out special hairstyles, specifically.

In fact he almost quit the group before debut because of Leo. •He once danced to Super Hero while he was sleeping. •In choosing members to be apart of VIXX, it was between him and another member,and he made the cut because they thought that he showed improvement compared to the other candidate They explained that four members of VIXX: Leo, Hongbin, Ken, and Hyuk, have extended their contract with the agency. Meanwhile, Ravi will come out of Jellyfish and create a one-man label agency (agency for himself) that is tailored to his musical preferences. However, Ravi will not leave VIXX and will remain active with the boy band that debuted in 2012. For VIXX's music activities, he. Which of these facts about Vixx are true? Get the best of Sporcle when you Go Orange.This ad-free experience offers more features, more stats, and more fun while also helping to support Sporcle. Thank you for becoming a member Aug 15, 2019 - crackheads, gotta love them bias: N wrecker: the rest obviously. See more ideas about Vixx, Jellyfish entertainment, Kpop Apr 19, 2018 - VIXX Showcase in Shanghai 151213 Hyuk Kumachan do not edi

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VIXX FACTS. for eternity. × for eternity. TAGS ABOUT ME FAQ INSTAGRAM. FACT 516: Hyuk is the member who points out all of Ken's faults while he's dancing; he also compliments Ken the least when it comes to his dancing. Saturday, January 11th, 2020. 19 notes Tagged: #vixx #lee jaewhan #vixx ken #ken #han sanghyuk #vixx hyuk #hyuk #hyuken #vixxfxcts. hanbe1802 liked this . marinettee12. Hyuk, birth name Han Sang-hyuk, is a South Korean actor and singer. He is a part of South Korean boy group VIXX, and is the youngest member of the group. VIXX is under Jellyfish Entertainment, which is the agency of Gugudan as well. He was born in Daejeon, South Korea with his parents and one older sister. With N, the leader of VIXX, Hyuk joined the first project with Jung Hyung Don, Defconn. Members: N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hongbin, Hyuk. Sub-unit(s): VIXX LR (Leo and Ravi) Facts: 1. They were put together through the show 'MyDol' which had 10 trainees trying to debut by the end of the show. 2. The name 'VIXX' was picked by the viewers when the final line-up was chosen. VIXX stands for 'Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis' 3. Their Korean debut song was 'Super Hero' and their Japanese. VIXX FACTS AND IDEAL TYPE GIRL VIXX FACTS. VIXX members were chosen through a reality program called MyDol. The name VIXX was chosen by fans poll. (It was originally VIX but they thought it's nicer to add one more X) VIXX stands for Voice, Visual, Value in eXcelsis. In Excelsis stands for In the highest degree in Latin. Rovix is named by Ravi. Ken always talk to the members who. VIXX is a six member South Korean boy band, signed under Jellyfish Entertainment. All members were on Mnet's reality show, MyDOL. The members were chosen in an elimination system through viewer votes. Ken. Full Name: Lee Jae Hwan. Position: Main Vocalist. Birthday: April 6, 1992. Height: 180 cm. Weight: 65 kg . Blood Type: AB. Fun Facts: •Is the most outgoing and comical member, and is the.

Fun fact: Hyuk was recently admitted to Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts in the School of Entertainment with K-Pop as his selected major. Due to VIXX' full album release, he won't be able. VIXX is a group that has come far from their beginnings in 2012. Hyuk also continues his progress, with his vocals continuing to be stronger and stronger with each new release. Also, Hongbin has proper lines. Proper. Lines. For a VIXX music video, it is not as eventful as it usually is, which suits the more subdued song, although it is as confusing as they usually are. I also see The. On the 6th episode of 'Jung Dae Man', the show brought in VIXX's Hongbin and Hyuk and MONSTA X's Minhyuk, Kihyun, and I.M, as they boasted about their skills in the shooting game 'Overwatch'

11 fun facts about DEAN (By the age of 20 he was already writing songs for K-pop groups such as EXO's Black Pearl and VIXX's Voodoo Doll ) 2. He first debuted in America with. Hyuk - Han SangHyuk. While he may talk a big game, I think he'd be just as shy as Taekwoon at the beginning tbh, given his age. Although I don't think he'd have any problem at all initiating things between the two of you, I don't think he'd really know what to do when things started going further. He'd know what he should be doing, but he wouldn't know exactly how to do it (if. Instead of staying with Jellyfish Entertainment, he has decided to join 51K, and is in the final stages of negotiating his new exclusive contract. 51K is currently home to a variety of actors, including 2PM's Taecyeon, So Ji Sub, and Lee Seung Woo.This move is N seeking to cement his status as an actor, and seeing Taecyeon's transition from an idol to an actor was a factor in his decision 100 Fact About VIXX Hongbin; 100 Fact About VIXX Hyuk; 100 Fact About VIXX Ravi; 100 Fact About VIXX N Juni (13) Mei (6) April (3) 2012 (45) September (3) Agustus (9) Juli (1) Mei (3) Februari (16) Januari (13) About My Profile. Unknown Lihat profil lengkapku. I am saying that him AND Hyuk are main dancers. since debut they are ALWAYS saying that hyuk is a main dancer he is even the main main dancer. and kong was always the lead rapper since debut even tho he doesn't have a lot of rap parts nowadays but after ravi he is the next one to rap. trust me I know vixx better than my actual family and that are facts tana @melanikh:disqusI remember there.


VIXX - 17 - Hyuk. EN: This super cute picture shows Hyuk holding hands with his older sister. It seems, that both of them are already are dressed up for a party. How cute! DE: Dieses super süße Bild zeigt Hyuk Händchen haltend mit seiner älteren Schwester. Beide sind verkleidet und bereit um auf eine Party zu gehen. VIXX - 18 - Group. EN: The beginning of VIXX in 2012: 10 contestants of. 14 oct. 2013 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Darihan Kalajoqua. Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les VIXX's Hyuk talks about playing music as his character in upcoming film + director compliments Hyuk's character synchronization. AKP STAFF . On November 7, the leading cast and staff of upcoming. Fun Facts: • He is the Poker Face Chic of the group. • He appeared in Brian Joo ' s Let This Die MV along with N and Ravi. • He is extremely reserved, and isn ' t as outgoing compared to the rest of the members of the group. • When VIXX has an appearance on variety and / or reality shows he often avoids the camera altogether. • Though he sometimes appears cold and. After the comments erupted in backlash, both Jellyfish Entertainment and Hongbin apologised. A day ago, on 6 August 2020, the K-pop star returned to Twitch. VIXX will now promote with five members that is N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, and Hyuk, according to the statement

Haii!!! Welcome to our Blog!!! Profiles and Facts at your service as well as Lyrics which are Romanized, in Hangul and English and Colour Coded. Request Stuff and Ask Questions!!! BTW No copyrights intended. I give full credits to the owners of the pictures, info and videos I post!!! Hope you enjoy my Blog!!! ^-^ Pages. Home; Requests, Questions, Answers!!! Wednesday, 3 July 2013. VIXX Profile. Vixx. Vixx Hyuk. Vixx Jung Taekwoon Jellyfish Entertainment Kpop Beautiful Boys Boy Groups Photoshoot Jung Taekwoon Jellyfish Entertainment Kpop Beautiful Boys Boy Groups Photoshoo

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Hyuk (VIXX) Scenario. Hyuk, younger than you, has a crush on you and stops other boys from flirting with you. Featuring Minho from SHINee! this got super long omg I am so sorry. enjoy regardless! ♡ (also the gif i picked for hyuk is so hot omg) ~pandora. Originally posted by flamingkrisma. His pulse quickened, his pupils dilated, sweat began to form at the top of his head and his palms felt. Mar 7, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Kryzelle Villadores. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres HYUK of VIXX A Long Night Official Lyric Video. 720 | 1080 | PerSub. Shake Your Hand mv feat JoKwon & Cha HakYeon. 720 | 1080. RAVI-STILL NIRVANA (Feat.(HAON),Xydo(Prod PUFF) Official MV. 720 | 1080 | Persub. RAVI,Cold Bay,Xydo - FASHIONABLE Prod GXXD Official MV. 720 | 1080 | PerSub. 190727 HYUK Way To You - AcousticVer (Guitar by MIN) 720 | 1080. 190525 1st person live HYUK way to you. wallpaper of ♥ Hyuk ♥ for fan of Hyuk (VIXX) 36200587. This Hyuk (VIXX) wallpaper might contain pullover and slipover Little Hyuk 0507. Personal Blog. T A E K E N gallery. Personal Blog. VIXX HyukBin - Sassy Maknae Line. Personal Blog. Yêu thương mang tên Cha Hakyeon. Personal Blog. Destiny Saturday - VIXX's LEON Vietnamese Fanpage. Public Figure. VIXX LEON/NEO Là Chân Ái - 90 Lines Couple. Artist. VIXX - RAVI. Musician/Band. I KEN't stop loving you. Personal Blog. VIXX's Hongbin Vietnamese Fanpage.

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Fun Facts: He was featured in Brian Joo's Let This Die musik video and Seo In Guk's Shake It Up musik video. He is considered the mood maker of the group. His ideal type is a pretty and self-conscious woman. He likes to sleep in workout clothes and sleeveless shirts. If he were to be an animal, he'd be a horse. He wants to try out special hairstyles, specifically reggae. wisgoon what is going on, social image sharing شبکه اجتماعی ویسگو Hyuk was the final member to join VIXX and his trainee period was so short that he couldn't establish a strong friendship with the fellow members (they're all cool now of course)! 9 ↪️how to impress vixx ken? ↪️vixx ken facts ↪️vixx ken likes? ↪️vixx ken's ideal type? ↪️vixx ken dating rumors? ↪️vixx soulmate quiz. hongbin: before you leave, just tell me why you even hacked his email id? #vixx; #incorrect vixx; #incorrect meme; #incorrect text; #ken; #ravi; #hongbin; #lol; #funny; #meme; #vixx meme; #vixx lol; #funny vixx; #kpop; #kpop meme; #vi Mar 20, 2016 - Explore Domo 731's board Vixx on Pinterest. See more ideas about Vixx, Shinee, Kpop

VIXX Reaction to S/O whining and asking them to get something Situation: He is on his way back home/busy when you call him and ask him to do something for you which he refuses. You are pouting and whining trying to get him to do what you want. Hyuk: He was still with his members when you called him on his phone to grab some sweets for you. At. VIXX - Hyuk Cambodia. Musician/Band. VIXX - KEO. Musician/Band. VIXX - Ken. Performing Arts. VIXX - Ken Italian Fanpage. Musician/Band. VIXX - Ken 이재환 . Musician/Band. VIXX - Kim Won Shik / Ravi. Artist. VIXX - Leo. Musician/Band. VIXX - Leo Indonesia Leonia_ID Community Organization. VIXX - Leo Latino. Artist. VIXX - LeoBin. Local Business. VIXX - Lo que callamos los Starlights. Local. 06.01.2015 - Автор пина:Iris Chen. Находите и прикалывайте свои пины в Pinterest

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r/kpop: K-Pop (Korean popular music) is a musical genre consisting of pop, dance, electropop, hiphop, rock, R&B, and electronic music originating in Hyuk is growing..WELL VIXX IS EXTRA DARK SO WE WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM. Nct Blackpink Super Junior Bts. What are VIXX even doing? X'D. Torie Carter. Kpop Funny Funny Kpop Leo Celebrities Male Vixx Celebrity Dads Kdrama Chanyeol. Smooolllll vixx. Allie Heady. VIXX | Are we just going to ignore the fact that Hyuk looks like he's gonna rob a train and tie a damsel to the train tracks. N: N would most likely ignore the fact that you can't sing and he wouldn't tell you you couldn't sing either because he'd be too flattered that you're singing one of his songs.He would instead join in on the singing and might even do the corresponding dance. Oh you're singing one of my songs?! Let's sing it together, babe High quality Vixx gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours tagahanga Art of ♥ VIXX ♥ for fans of VIXX 3623873

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shabiki Art of HYUK for mashabiki of VIXX 38853918. Add interesting content and earn coin

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